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Exertis announces corporate trade-in programme for resellers

Paul Lipscombe
November 22, 2019

The programme sees Exertis working with its MTR subsidiary 

Exertis has announced a corporate trade-in programme for mobile devices for its resellers.

The distributor is working with its MTR subsidiary, which specialises in providing secure second lifecycle solutions to provide the programme.

The first stage for resellers is to request a quote for the devices they want to exchange, with Exertis providing this subject to final inspection.

These devices are then inspected, graded and provided a final value confirmation.

Exertis mobile commercial and services director Rik Hubbard said: “Today’s smartphones, tablets and laptops hold their value and that residual value can be put to good use by either reducing the cost of a new device, up selling to a higher spec device or cross selling to other categories such as peripherals or accessories.

“In addition, whilst that device might not be suitable for one company, it may still be able to be deployed elsewhere with some refurbishment, preventing harmful materials entering landfill and contributing to the circular economy. Sustainability is an important consideration for companies, as expectations from people on corporate responsibility increases.”

MTR has a secure processing facility and also has ISO accreditations for quality management (ISO 9001:2015) and environmental management (ISO 14001:2015).

Trade-in programmes have grown in recent times due to the rising cost of high-end handsets, as consumers and businesses desire using the latest technology.

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