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Euro 2016: guide to charges to the UK and within France

Alex Yau
June 7, 2016

The tournament held every four years officially kicks off on Friday June 10

The UEFA European Football Championship kicks off in France this week (June 10), with each operator offering various bundles and bolt-ons for those who want to contact friends and family back in the UK.

EE’s Euro Pass bundle offers unlimited calls and unlimited texts from France to the UK alongside 500MB of data for just £4 per day. Any additional data needed for each day will cost extra. 75MB extra will cost £3, whilst £150MB is an additional £5. The bundle is also valid on calls and texts made to another user in France.

A charge of 4.4p per minute will be charged to EE customers not on a bundle calling to the UK. Individual texts will cost 1.8p, whilst a 4.4p charge will be added for every answerphone message made.


Vodafone customers on a Red or Red Value bundle can get inclusive roaming with unlimited minutes, texts and 4GB of data whilst in France. Anyone not on either bundle can take advantage of the EuroTraveller package. This allows customers to use their UK minutes, texts and data for just £3 extra per day. Usage with inclusive roaming and EuroTraveller packages are valid for texts and calls made to French numbers.

Any customer without inclusive roaming or a EuroTraveller package will be charged 5p a minute to landlines, 15p a minute to mobiles and 35p per text.


Three customers can call, text or use their data at their standard rate with the network’s Feel at Home package. If a customer exceeds their allowance, calls to the UK will cost 16.6p per minute, 5.2p per text and 10p for every MB of data. Feel at Home also applies to calls and texts made to others within France.


O2 Travel offers a more restrictive package, with customers being limited to 120 minutes and 120 texts to both contacts in the UK and France. Once the daily allowance runs out, calls to the UK and within France cost 4p a minute, whilst texts cost 1p.


Carphone Warehouse’s own network iD is also allowing customers to roam in France at no extra cost on its TakeAway plan. The allowances only apply to UK numbers, however, and you will be charged extra for calling international numbers.

Out of bundle charges are 47p per minute, 18p per text and 47p per MB of data.

Lyca and Lebara

Lycamobile is not offering any special deals, instead charging 16p per minute for calls and 5p per text. Lebara meanwhile is charging 18p per minute and 5p for every text message. It will also cost 19p for every MB of data used.

French operators

Airports in France are likely to sell variety of SIM plans from French operators that include calls to the UK.

Orange has its own Euro 2016 bundle that comes with 2GB of internet, four hours of calls and 2,000 text messages to anywhere in Europe. This costs ‚¬39.99 for 14 days. Out of bundle charges will cost ‚¬0.06 per minute, ‚¬0.02 per SMS and ‚¬0.05 every MB of data used.

Bouygues Telecom offers a prepaid SIM for ‚¬5 which comes with unlimited texts, four inclusive minutes and 500MB of data. This is valid for three days. Pay ‚¬40 for a two month package and you get 100 minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB of data. Calling back to the UK will cost ‚¬0.25 for every minute once the allowances have been exceeded. Each text message sent costs ‚¬0.09, whilst data costs ‚¬0.30 for every MB used.


Three, however, does not offer its Feel at Home package to Irish customers. A Three Like Home bundle is available, however, which offers 300 minutes, 600 texts and 150MB of data. Rates outside of this bundle are ‚¬0.35 per minute, ‚¬0.15 per text message and ‚¬24.60 per MB of data.

Vodafone Ireland offers the same inclusive roaming packages and EuroTraveller packages as the UK. Out of bundle charges in France and to the UK with Vodafone include ‚¬0.06 per minute, ‚¬0.02 per text and ‚¬0.06 per MB of data.

Meteor offers a variety of packages for those travelling to France. The cheapest one day package costs ‚¬3 with 10 inclusive minutes, 30 texts and 50MB of data. Most expensive is a seven day package costing ‚¬15, this comes with 100 minutes, 200 texts and 500MB of data. Standard rates outside of these bundles are ‚¬6.15 per MB of data, ‚¬6.15 per minute and ‚¬2.46 for every text message sent.

Tesco Mobile does not have any special roaming bundles and instead charges the normal rate. Voice calls cost ‚¬0.30, texts ‚¬0.14 and ‚¬8.15 for every MB of data.

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