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eSIM Go makes it a Breeze for Confused customers to get cheap data abroad

Staff Reporter
June 21, 2024

eSIM Go has signed to its Breeze affiliate partner programme.

The comparison web site will now offer travel insurance customers an eSIM Go eSIM of up to 2GB of free mobile data to use in selected countries around the world .

eSIM Go recently signed uSwitch as an affiliate and says there is strong consumer appetite for international eSIM mobile data plans when they are offered in conjunction with other travel-related products and services.

Mitch Fordham, chief revenue officer at eSIM Go, said: “By bundling 2GB of mobile data with their travel insurance policies, customers have one less thing to worry about when trying to stay connected abroad and can top-up with extra data without having to deal with plastic SIM cards”

Iturmendi: “Opportunity”

Alvaro Iturmendi, travel insurance expert at, said: “The rules around data roaming charges have changed since Britain left the EU, and ravelers continue to be stung by expensive daily charges. We saw an opportunity to give our customers a little something extra to manage their data when abroad. Not only does this have a financial benefit, but it helps them stay connected for longer too. 

Any individual, a business owner, a content creator, or an influencer, you’re welcome to apply to become a part of the Breeze affiliate network. Breeze pays We pays 20 per cent commission on any eSIM sale made through an affiliate link.

eSIM Go was founded by Zacchary Couldrick, Chris Maynard, Mitch Fordham, Darren Shaw, and Jose De Bardi in 2020.

The company has WizzAir as another travel affiliate.

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