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Ericsson reaches 100 5G commercial agreements milestone

Paul Lipscombe
August 12, 2020

Ericsson currently has 56 live 5G contracts which span across five continents 

Telecoms giant Ericsson has reached a significant 5G milestone, after securing its 100th commercial 5G agreement.

Ericsson hit the milestone today (August 12) after striking a 5G deal with Slovenian telco Telekom Slovenije.

It comes six years after Ericsson announced its first public 5G partnership back in 2014, in the early days of 5G development.

The milestone includes 58 publicly announced contracts and 56 live 5G contracts that span five continents.

Earlier contracts focused on memorandum of understanding partnerships, plus 5G technology testing and trials.

These contracts include RAN and core network deployments that are enabled through Ericsson’s products and solutions.


Ericsson president and CEO Borje Ekholm has hailed the milestone: “Our customers’ needs have been central to the development and evolution of Ericsson’s 5G technology across our portfolio from the very beginning.”

Ekholm adds that Ericsson will continue to deliver its customers the benefits of 5G technology.


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