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eFax: 42pc of workers report lack of privacy in the workplace

Megan Robinson
April 4, 2022

22 per cent of those surveyed outlined the need for better technology solutions for sending confidential files and data in the office

Research from cloud-based fax solutions for business eFax found that 42 per cent of workers are struggling with a lack of privacy in the workplace following two years of remote working.

The study included 503 UK workers in large enterprises, SMEs and public sector organisations, and found that a third of respondents appreciate the accessibility of technology at work.

However, 32pc disliked being disturbed in the office, 28pc found it harder to concentrate since returning to the office, and 16pc said the biggest change they noticed was the lack of privacy.

eFax VP of sales and service Scott Wilson said: “Before the pandemic, the conventional view was that offices were essential to productivity. 

“But during the pandemic, office workers at home quickly adapted to regularly using technologies such as video calling and conferencing, plus other digital collaboration tools. 

“They got used to the privacy afforded by working from home and there is an appetite now among workers for the same level of privacy in the workplace. 

“In today’s digitalised economy, data is an essential and valuable commodity and organisations have a responsibility to put in place effective measures for workers to operate privately and securely.

“Faxing remains a critical part of many organisations’ communications infrastructure, however, too many organisations still rely on outdated, insecure, and expensive on-premise fax servers when other more reliable and secure cloud-based alternatives are available.”



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