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EE tops latest P3 network performance tests

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne
December 20, 2018

The BT-owned operator was followed by Vodafone with Three and O2 following in 3rd and 4th respectively

EE has come out on top in the latest round of network performance tests from P3.

The P3 connect Mobile Benchmark UK 2018 report tested all four networks  over 26 per cent of the UK population covering 22 cities, 35 towns and 7,300 miles of major roads.

Testing took place between October 30 and December 3 this year and awarded points throughout rounds of voice and data tests in cities and roads as well as crowd sourcing some results.

EE scored 879 points overall, equivalent to a ‘very good’ grade, Vodafone scored a ‘good’ 796 points. Three scored 711 points and O2 came in last with a ‘satisfactory’ 663 points.

P3 drove and walked over 5,450 kilometres through the towns and cities and around 6,300km on major roads throughout the UK resulting in over 11,000 km travelled all told.

P3 communications CEO Hakan Ekmen said: “The UK’s networks improved overall on last year. We adapt our testing methodology every year to keep close to technological advances as well as to the actual experience of end-users.

“This year, we have added the railway measurements into our scope for the P3 connect Mobile Benchmark in the UK and derived some interesting conclusions. For next year, we expect the first developments in 5G to come.”

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