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EE set to ditch Paddington office to move to BT Centre

James Pearce
June 6, 2016

CEO Marc Allera has confirmed the operator is preparing to move later this year

EE will close its Paddington headquarters and move in to BT Centre later this year, according to CEO Marc Allera.

Allera, who took over the top job at the operator in February following the completion of BT’s £12.5 billion acquisition, told the Telegraph that EE is preparing to move across London as part of £360 million efficiency savings BT is looking to make.

It will see EE’s Paddington office, which was built in the early 2000s as part of a redevelopment at the London train station, close.

BT has began merging some of EE’s services following a major restructure in the wake of its takeover, completed in January. These include announcing an offer set to be launched this summer that will see EE’s customers offered access to BT Sport..

Allera said: “We’re going to be moving to BT Centre by the end of the year, if all goes well.

“I can look at a number of examples of where we are collaborating really well with our BT colleagues. That’s going to be a lot easier in the same building.

“We’ve already announced that we’ll be bringing BT Sport to EE customers, for example.

“While moving offices can be disruptive, the benefits are going to outweigh the hassle of a slightly longer commute for some people and a shorter one for others.”

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