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EE partners with Qualcomm to become Europe’s first network to deliver fastest 5G speeds

Megan Robinson
April 20, 2022

5G data speeds reached 2.2Gbps in lab testing and is expected to reach over 1.7Gbps on the network when applied in the real world

EE has become the first European network to deliver a 5G signal using seven different spectrum carriers in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies. 

The project gives a major boost in 5G network capacity, uses a total of 170 MHz of Bandwidth and could provide the fastest available 5G in certain parts of the UK.

EE worked with Qualcomm at BT’s Borehamwood Lab to deliver a 5G signal using seven radio carriers including five 4G (LTE) carriers and two 5G (New Radio).

BT director of mobile David Salam said: “By pooling our research expertise with Qualcomm Technologies, we have been able to further enhance the EE network and will start to deliver some of Europe’s fastest 5G speeds in our major cities.”  

Qualcomm Technologies International Ltd Vikrant Jain added: “Aggregating seven (5LTE +2NR) different spectrum bands for 5G is a significant achievement and will provide enhanced customer experience.”

This new technology will be rolled out in major cities this year.

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