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EE offers monthly customers six months free Amazon Prime

Manny Pham
March 15, 2019

EE customers can also purchase a pass for £8.99 to view Netflix, Prime Video, BT Sport, MTV Play and TV Player 

EE has upped its content offering by giving customers free access to Amazon Prime Video and MTV Play for six months, and unveiled a pass that allows users to stream videos on multiple platforms without depleting data allowance.

New and existing monthly customers can access Amazon Prime Video and MTV Play for six months free with inclusive data.

The two new additions add to current content offerings Apple Music and BT Sport. In total, EE said the offers save customers up to £164 on subscription costs to the four platforms.

Video data pass
EE also unveiled the Video Data Pass which allows customers to stream Netflix, Prime Video, BT Sport, MTV Play, and TV Player, without data depletion for £8.99. More services will be added in the future.

BT consumer division CEO Marc Allera said: “It’s our ambition to offer our customers unrivalled choice, with the best content, smartest devices, and the latest technology through working with the world’s best content providers.

PP Foresight technology, media and telco analyst Paulo Pescatore said operators are: “Very well placed to aggregate content, integrate billing and provide universal search. Whoever achieves this first will have a significant advantage over their rivals”.

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