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EE kicks off B2B drive with dealer event

Samantha Tomaszczyk
July 16, 2013

EE is set to discuss plans to ramp up its B2B division during a dealer event this Thursday (July 18)

EE has said it will “ramp up” its B2B division, starting with a significant dealer event this Thursday (July 18).

The news comes a day after EE said it is cutting its dealer base of 1,500 by two thirds, retaining only those who have 50 or more live customer telephone numbers (CTSNs) on their base at any one time (see here).

According to the spokesperson, the ratio of B2B to consumers across EE’s three brands is currently 50:50. EE’s 4G brand has around 2,000 corporate customers, he said.

EE said: “We are going to ramp up the B2B side of things.

“The lions share of our new focus is on B2B – and the streamlining of the dealer base is a very important aspect of this.

“There is a big dealer event taking place on Thursday, at which we are going to look back on the last six months, because there has been a lot of change.”

The spokesperson also said the operator is looking to expand its dealer base across its 2G and 3G brands Orange and T-Mobile as well as EE following the cut, but would not comment on numbers.

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