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Comparison site ‘has saved visitors more than £20 million in four years

James Barnes
July 15, 2013

CompareMyMobile says UK consumers have earned more than £45 million by using comparison service

Recycling comparison website CompareMyMobile has saved its customers more than £20 million since the service launched in 2009, it claims.

The website enables customers looking to recycle their mobile phone to compare prices with more than 40 recycling firms to obtain the best price.

The firm claims prices can differ by up to 20 per cent between companies.

CompareMyMobile also revealed sales through its website have reached more than £45 million.

It added that the average recycle value of a handset has quadrupled since its launch, from £20 to £108.

Apple has held the largest market share in terms of recycled devices, currently accounting for 35 per cent of the total market.

Ashley Turner, CompareMyMobile co-founder, said: “Since 2009, has earned UK consumers more than £45 million through its phone recycling partners. Comparison websites such as ours reduce the confusion consumers have about getting the best deal online.

“This ‘£20 million extra earned’ milestone demonstrates the vast difference in payouts a consumer can expect to get by using different vendors.”

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