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EE deploys 200 new small cells to boost UK coverage

Megan Robinson
March 7, 2022

Small cells help provide improved, discreet coverage for customers at street level, and are often located on existing street assets as part of EE’s investment to maintain the UK’s best network

EE has deployed 200 new small cells across its UK networks to allow customers in high demand areas to receive better 4G coverage and download speeds of up to 300Mbps.

In partnership with Nokia, EE uses advanced network analytics to find areas where small cells can provide a boost to the network and deploy this 4G small cell solution.

EE’s licenced and unlicenced spectrum combine to deliver high speeds in congested areas, and the operator uses street assets such as lamp posts, CCTV columns and BT phone boxes to minimise its impact.

EE and Nokia started bringing these small cells online to Leeds, London and Manchester, and now parts of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham and Scarborough have them.

In the next 18 months, hundreds more deployments are planned as EE will use the technology to bring additional network capacity to more locations, and extend the use of small cells to its 5G network.

EE director of mobile networks David Salam said: “Investment and innovation are the key to consistent network improvement and this partnership with Nokia, to deploy small cells to support our 4G – and in the future, 5G – network, is a new solution to maintain our network leadership in the UK.”

Nokia SVP and radio access networks PLM Mark Atkinson said: “Nokia’s extensive portfolio of outdoor and indoor small cells provides premium 4G and 5G performance in dense urban and in-building environments. EE customers will enjoy the very best 4G and 5G network connectivity regardless of location and we look forward to supporting this journey.”

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