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EE 4G expansion takes UK road connectivity to 94 per cent

Paul Lipscombe
December 17, 2020

The operator has connected a number of rural areas in Scotland during 2020

EE has revealed that its 4G network now covers 94 per cent of the UK’s roads.

The operator has built 160 new 4G sites across the UK in 2020, and according to Ofcom’s latest geographical coverage report is at 85 per cent, six per cent more than the lowest operator.

Of the new sites built this year, 92 have been in Scotland, 43 in England and 25 in Wales.

Rural development 

EE has particularly focused on developing rural areas of Scotland, with 4G introduced for the first time in a number of areas.

Strathconon, Blairmore, Little Mill and Reawick have all been connected to 4G, as EE braces to connect an additional 31 locations across Scotland as part of the Scottish Government’s Scottish 4G Infill programme.

EE/BT consumer business CEO Marc Allera said: “Having access to a resilient and reliable mobile network has never been more important.

“We’re continuing to invest in it right across the UK to keep our customers connected and bring coverage to rural areas for the very first time.”

EE’s 4G network is used to help support the emergency services, as part of its partnership with the Home Office to support these services.

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