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eBay launches certified refurbished hub

Paul Lipscombe
March 4, 2021

According to eBay searches for refurbished products are up 300pc YoY

eBay UK has launched a new certified refurbished hub selling electronic appliances.

The hub will launch with products in two categories: electronics and homewares.

All products will come a 12-month guarantee, plus free delivery and 30 day returns policy.

So far no mobile brands are on board with the scheme, but products from Dyson, Eve and GoPro are available.

The e-commerce company says it aims to make shopping for refurbished products easier for consumers.


eBay’s certified refurbished selection allows buyers to purchase products from premium brands that have been refurbished and guaranteed for up to as much as 30 per cent discount.

eBay UK senior trading manager, electronics Matt Potter highlighted the growing demand for refurbished products.

“Demand for refurbished products has been growing for some time, but we know that the main barrier for some consumers has been the perceived risk that comes with purchasing a refurbished item.

“Our Certified Refurbished hub is designed to bring peace of mind to customers, allowing them to secure the products they love, like new for less, and at the high quality they deserve.”

While customers can buy refurbished mobile phones and tablets from eBay, there’s no official partnership in place with any vendors yet, however eBay are looking to do this.

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