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Doro launches three new feature phones

Megan Robinson
April 20, 2022

The Doro 6820 and Doro 6880 are easy-to-use clamshell devices and the Doro 5860 is a candy bar phone

Doro has released its new range of 4G feature phones for the over 65’s- the Doro 5860, Doro 6820 and Doro 6880.

The devices offer functionality with HD voice technology, hearing aid compatibility, adjustable font and text size, easy-to-navigate menus and shortcut keys designed to address the evolving demands of senior users. 

The phones are also equipped with an assistance button on the back of the device and are compatible with a cradle charger, with the 6880 having an external display to show the time, notifications and caller ID. 

Doro’s managing director UK and Ireland Peter Marsden said: “The launch of our three latest 4G feature phones will provide our customers with a heightened user experience and are perfect for those that prefer an intuitive, easy-to-use device. 

Whether this is HD voice technology, adjustable font sizes or well-separated keys, by combining these flagship Doro features in a 4G enabled feature phone, the handsets provide our users across the globe with the connectivity they require.”

Pricing and availability

The suggested retail price of the Doro 5860 is £69.99, the Doro 6820 is £84.99 and the Doro 6880 is £98.99.

All three devices are available from the Amazon UK store and will be coming to major networks and retailers soon. 

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