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Dealers call on networks to help them promote the benefits 5G will offer

Matthew Cook
June 4, 2018

5G awareness a must according to dealers. 

More needs to be done to make sure that executives understand how the introduction of 5G will benefit their business.

That is the view of business mobile dealers who said that, although they are following the development of 5G, they are not sure how to make the new wavelengths appealing to their customers and, in some cases, avoid talking about 5G to customers at all.

Speaking to Mobile News, dealers of both Vodafone and O2 partner programmes said that the networks can do more to help them bill for the technology and spark interest that goes further than a cursory question.

Fivebars managing director Martin Murphy said: “Customers are a bit hesitant because they don’t understand the technology and the companies in the industry who are selling it aren’t selling it with any degree of effort.

“It needs to further compensate the end user but as an industry we have an obligation to bring these technologies to the wider market by understanding it ourselves.”

Mobile Corporate Communications sales director Tony Singh agreed, adding: “At the moment it seems like the networks are banging their heads against the wall and, to be honest we try not to talk about it.

“If someone raises the question we tell them the positives but we also advise them to prepare because I don’t think it is going to be rosy for the first six to 12 months.”

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