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Daisy exhausts Vodafone business upgrade limit for Q1

Paul Withers
March 7, 2013

Airtime distributor may not be able to process any further requests until April following an upgrade cap placed on dealers by the operator

Daisy Distribution has informed its dealers that it has exhausted its business upgrade allowance for Q1 and may not be able to process anymore until next month.

In December, Mobile News exclusively revealed that Vodafone was placing a cap on the number of business upgrades dealers could process until the end of the financial year, with them permitted to put through just 55 per cent of their average quarterly numbers.

Dealers were each given a monthly upgrade limit which was calculated based on their monthly average over the past six months. Vodafone will not pay any commission for upgrades that exceed the monthly limit.

Daisy Distribution has asked its dealers to provide all outstanding paperwork to it by March 20 for any jobs scheduled to be processed this month.

It said in an email update to them: “Due to high demand, Daisy Distribution has now exhausted the Vodafone upgrade allowance for Quarter 1 2013 and may not be able to process any further requests until April.

“We are keeping a reserve list and if the situation changes and we are able to process any earlier, we will contact you as soon as possible.”

Daisy Distribution was unavailable for comment.

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