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Chitter Chatter extends SafeToNet partnership by offering safeguarding software alongside mobile deals

Jasper Hart
December 21, 2020

Extension of promotional partnership from earlier this year

Online retailer Chitter Chatter will offer device safeguarding software from SafeToNet alongside its mobile deals, as part of an extension of the partnership between the two firms.

Chitter Chatter has confirmed that it will offer a 30-day SafeToNet trial with every new purchase, as well as a 24-month subscription with select device deals.

Customers will also receive safeguarding newsletters with advice about online safety, written by SafeToNet’s head of safeguarding Sarah Castro MBE.

This marks an extension of the promotional partnership that Chitter Chatter and SafeToNet struck in August, when the retailer said it was taking steps to sell SafeToNet’s software with its devices.

SafeToNet uses an AI-powered keyboard to detect and flag online risks in real time, as well as a digital wellbeing assistant which provides digital wellness features to help children.

This software runs entirely on the device using it, with no cloud functionalities, which allows for data protection.

“This partnership will allow Chitter Chatter’s UK customers to keep their children safer online, while always staying connected to what’s important to them, their friends and family,” said SafeToNet CEO Richard Pursey. “We hope this encourages other mobile retailers to follow suit and acknowledge the importance of safeguarding software on a device.”

Chitter Chatter sales and marketing director James Francis added: “As part of our continued partnership with SafeToNet, this is another step towards helping make the internet and mobile technology safer for children. Since first learning about SafeToNet and seeing first-hand with my own family how helpful the app can be, it’s something Chitter Chatter will continue to endorse and support parents with however we can.”

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