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Chess, Daisy and Welcomm win O2 Direct Partner Network Excellence Awards

Alex Yau
March 3, 2016

This is the second year O2 has ran the awards, which recognise the achievements of its partners

Chess, Daisy and Welcomm Communications are just a few of the names who have taken O2 Direct Partner Network Excellence Awards this year.

This is the second year O2 has ran the awards, which recognises the achievements of its direct partners.

The awards consist of three categories. The first is Customer Excellence, with winners being ADSI Limited and Daisy Distribution.

Second is the Digital Excellence Award given to Atlas Personal Communications, Daisy Connect, Carphone Warehouse Business and Welcomm Communications.

12 partners were also recognised for both awards. They were 360 Comms, Activ Technology, Active Business Communications, Active Digital, Annodata Limited, Cellular Solutions & Services, Challenger Mobile Communications, Chess, Pure, Signal, Uplands Mobile and Vivio.

Each recipient will be given new Excellence Award branding, along with further marketing and digital consultancy to help develop their businesses.

O2 Business head of partners Jason Phillips (pictured) said: “Partners are rewarded for delivering the best in class customer and digital support that the SMB market has come to know from O2. I’m delighted so many of our partners have achieved these prestigious accolades and would like to congratulate them all on their fantastic contribution throughout 2015”.

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