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CCS Insight tips AR and VR shipments to grow 30pc in 2022

Paul Lipscombe
June 28, 2022

The number will grow sixfold to reach 88m by 2026

CCS Insight has reported that VR and AR device shipments will rise 30 per cent this year, with economic uncertainties limiting further grow.

In total, 14.3 million AR and VR devices are expected to be shipped this year, with this number tipped to reach 88m by 2026.

This year will be a ‘record-breaking’ year for device shipments, adds CCS Insight, but economic challenges mean that further grow is difficult.

“Although the long-term outlook remains rosy, we now predict adoption in 2022 to be lower than previously forecast”, said CCS Insight senior analyst James Manning Smith.

“Although many people are rethinking their budgets, the appetite for new technologies will remain strong, with immersive tech benefiting from this, albeit still at a very modest level.”

Demand for AR products is anticipated to increase next year, with multiple smart glasses launches due in 2023.

For now VR makes up the bulk of the immersive shipments, adds CCS Insight, accounting for 93 per cent this year, with Meta Quest 2 sales forecast to perform well.

“The arrival of new smart glasses in late 2022 and throughout 2023 puts AR devices on the cusp of becoming an everyday technology”, adds Manning-Smith.

“Although the size of the market will be modest in the next few years, early adopters will pave the way for wider uptake and use.”

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