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BT and Cisco team up to recycle e-waste

Cynera Rodricks
October 5, 2022

Most corporate e-waste to be redesigned, recycled or re-used under this programme

BT and US networking equipment giant, Cisco plan to work together to recycle 99.9 per cent of customers’ obsolete equipment.

BT has worked with Cisco for 30 years and is one of the first global partners for Cisco in their new lifecycle programme.

In 2021 it was recorded that globally 55.5Mmt (million metric tonnes) of e-waste was generated, which is equivalent to the weight of 5,247 Eiffel Towers and only 17.4 per cent of it was recycled.

Under the Take Back and Reuse programme, BT will send equipment such as routers and servers back to Cisco to be refurbished or recycled.

BT Group has a goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 and to help 25 million people across the UK improve their own carbon emissions by 60 million tonnes by 2030.

For now the programme will be available for BT’s customers in the UK, US, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland and Singapore.

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