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BlackBerry announces BES 10 successes in Germany

Samantha Tomaszczyk
November 13, 2013

Half of Germany’s largest companies and 90 per cent of government agencies are now using BlackBerry’s enterprise mobility management software BES 10, the company says

BlackBerry today announced three German companies including car manufacturer Mitsubishi have chosen to instal its enterprise mobility management software, BES 10.

Mitsubishi, home fittings manufacturer Grohe and sugar producer Südzucker have installed the smartphone manufacturer’s enterprise mobility management solution to provide security and control over company devices and applications.

According to BlackBerry, 50 per cent of Germany’s 30 largest companies and around 90 per cent of government agencies are either testing or have subscriber to BES 10 (BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10).

BlackBerry Managing Director for Germany Markus Mueller said: “With BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, we are able to offer businesses a simple, secure and effective way to manage their fleet of devices, including iOS, Android and BlackBerry phones. We are also looking forward to offering our customers a whole new level of convenience when we launch our new EMM (enterprise mobility management) cloud services.”

Grohe Senior Vice President of Global Marketing Jan-Peter Tewes said: “Our mobile communication has improved dramatically through the use of the BlackBerry solution. The ability to quickly communicate securely over the phone, by email or BBM are key benefits BlackBerry brings to our teams. We are able to share confidential reports much more openly and quickly than we used to, which has reduced our development time for new products.”

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