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Azzurri signs £3.5m telecoms contract with AmicusHorizon

Samantha Tomaszczyk
October 28, 2013

The five-year agreement will see Azzurri provide the housing association with internet, fixed line and video conferencing solutions

Telecommunications company Azzurri has signed a £3.5 million contract with housing association AmicusHorizon which will see it provide it with internet and video conferencing solutions.

The five year deal, the result of a competitive tender, will also see Azzurri provide AmicusHorizon with fixed line connectivity, a WAN (wireless access network) and SIP (session initiation protocol), a technology which allows multimedia communications within a business to be controlled.

AmicusHorizon said it expects to save approximately £1.5 million during the term of the contract, including a significant proportion in the first year.

The company manages over 28,000 homes through 15 primary offices and 70 remote, single person offices.

Its IT services manager Martin Crouch said: “Azzurri won more parts of the tender than any other supplier because of the professional and consultative approach of its team. The amount of information they provided for each of their solutions was refreshingly detailed and succinct.

“Often the solutions they proposed in the initial consultations were already spot on – little was changed in the subsequent discussions. This showed they really understood the needs of our organisation.”

Azzurri CTO Rufus Grig said: “AmicusHorizon has proven that Azzurri’s wealth of expertise and excellence is not diluted by the breadth of its portfolio. Delivering both exceptional quality of service and value for money across WAN, internet, fixed line telephony and videoconferencing is no small achievement. We are proud to be workign with AmicusHorizon on such a broad range of their telecommunications needs.”

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