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Barclay Comms invests £500k in flexible ‘Bounce’ network swap service

Staff Reporter
September 5, 2023

Belfast unified comms provider Barclay Communications has launched a service called ‘Barclay Bounce’ that allows business customers to easily switch between O2, Vodafone, EE without paying early termination charges or starting a new contract.

The company has invested £500,000 in the new service including a £350,000 CRM system and £150,000 in specialist engineering staff to manage the installations of its landline and IT solutions. Clients get a single bill regardless of the number of networks they have been connected to

Barclay Bounce allows the customer to choose which networks they wish to use, O2, Vodafone, EE or Three and ‘bounce’ between them. An online portal allows customers to control their contracts, switch SIMs between networks or amend data packages. Client Account Managers are also available to handle any queries or issues clients may have.

Barclay Bounce evolved from listening to our customer’s feedback and conducting research within the B2B market” explained Barclay Communications founder Britt Megahey (main pic).

If the past 27 years in telecoms has taught us anything, it’s that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. It’s seldom that we engage with companies where one network is right for everyone. We recognised that lack of flexibility was a massive frustration for businesses and developed a solution that tackled the issue.

Flexibility isn’t a word closely associated with telecoms. Barclay Bounce is aiming to change that”

Flexibility isn’t a word closely associated with telecoms. Barclay Bounce is aiming to change that. Imagine having the ability to move between two or three different networks We believed we could use the strong relationships we have with all the UK networks to create a valuable solution for our customers. For example, a business will be able to have 20 per cent of SIMs on Vodafone, 20 per cent on EE and 60 per cent on O2.

Barclay Communications negotiated with the different networks to get a strong, competitive price point. If someone requires roaming data, then a network they can change to the best roaming network if they’re on the Barclay Bounce plan. It will appeal to micro businesses as well as operations with hundreds of connections, including public sector organisations. Clients are already telling Barclay Bounce is a game-changer because of its flexibility.”

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