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B2B dealer builds £250k ‘Atlas’ CRM designed for mobile reseller channel

James Barnes
July 15, 2013

Most ‘affordable’, ‘efficient’ customer and staff management tool, Sunrise Associates says

B2B dealer Sunrise Associates has built what it claims is the world’s first fully hosted customer relationship management (CRM) system designed specifically for the B2B mobile channel.

The CRM, called Atlas, took 18 months to build at a cost of more than £250,000.

Sunrise MD James Evans (pictured), who has 20 years’ sales experience in telecoms, said Atlas is the most secure, affordable and efficient CRM available on the market.

He claims it will help B2B mobile dealers better manage their customers and staff, boosting retention levels and maximising profitability.

Evans said: “We couldn’t find a solution to meet the complete needs of a dealer in today’s market, so we decided to build our own. We’ve tried the likes of Sales Force and Microsoft Dynamics, but they have been designed to be one-size-fits-all solutions – unless you can afford to spend hundred or thousands of pounds customising them.

“Atlas has been built by a dealer for dealers. Every single aspect is designed to help dealers become more efficient and manage our business
and customers better than we have before.”

Cost and features 

Atlas requires a broadband connection and can be accessed securely from any connected device, including PC, laptops and tablets.

It runs on a Citrix platform  which, Evans claims, provides  the same levels of security as an online bank.

The CRM is available as part of a licence agreement, starting from £45 per month per user. Prices will increase based on the number of services added.

Evans said Atlas has been built and priced with smaller dealers in mind, adding the firm is close to agreeing deals with two airtime distributors to push the product.

Features available include detailed access and information on all customers including user names, account contact, SIM number, handset IMEI, renewal dates and any additional products and services attached to the account.

Emails to and from the customer can also be automatically stored to Atlas user accounts.

Staff management

Sunrise has also partnered with Carphone Warehouse Business to provide users with a live link to its virtual warehouse, offering live updates on stock availability and price.

The CRM can also provide extensive detailed information on individual employee performance. Examples include number of calls made, prospects, callbacks, detailed analysis of success rate ratio, breakdown of networks connected, ARPU and add-ons such as fixed-line, tracking or IT services.

Atlas also includes a deal builder, providing a full breakdown of costs and earning, which Evans claims is equally ideal for those in the IT and fixed-line market looking to add mobile to their offerings.

“No one has anything similar to this,” said Evans.

“I’ve been selling for 20 years and I know how hard it can be. I’m not arrogant enough to think I know it all, but I do know what needs to be done to motivate, generate and manage sales teams to perform.

“All I’ve done is use the principles and put them in to a system which removes waste and makes the process as efficient as possible.”

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