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Aurora prepares customers for new mobile bill limit legislation

Paul Lipscombe
August 14, 2018

Aurora is offering free webinars and one-on-on advice, training and support ahead of the changes

Aurora is working to ensure customers’ risk is minimised ahead of the new Mobile Bill Limit legislation coming in to place.

The bill allows customers that take out a new mobile contract or renews an old contract to specify a pre-agreed bill limit.

As a result, should the bill exceed the pre-agreed amount then the provider is prohibited from charging the customer the excess and is responsible for the additional bills.

The legislation is expected to cause issues among the channel and resellers will need to be prepared for it in order to prevent their business being non-compliant and picking up with revenue and margin loss.

Aurora managing director Derek Watson said: “There are a number of industry challenges and customers will need to examine their business processes and their billing providers’ functionality carefully to comply with the new legislation.”

“Affinity’s automated processing capabilities ensures it can process data as soon as it’s available, and via our Virtual Service Provider (VSP) channel we can also offer the integrated capabilities direct with mobile networks not available via third party mobile resellers.”

Aurora will provide customers with free webinars, one-on-one consultative advice, training and support to get through the transition.

Watson added: “Aurora customers are in a very good position to deal with the new legislation as we are building on our existing intelligent billing technology.

“Affinity has extensive provisioning, alerting, barring and monitoring capabilities to maximise resellers’ ability to manage their and billing revenue exposure.”

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