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Anywhere’s Emporia partnership will target over 50s to boost UK numbers

Matthew Cook
August 15, 2018

Prices will range from £89 for the cheapest up to £229.99 for the most expensive

Anywhere Group has announced a partnership with Austrian device manufacturer Emporia Telecom as exclusive UK distributor to range the new Emporia Anywhere devices and applications.

Emporia Telecom focuses on creating easy to use handsets for the over 50s market and is now looking to extend its customer base in the UK, while including Anywhere Group’s OwnFone and the Anywhere SIM services.

Emporia Anywhere combines the Emporia portfolio with Anywhere SIM multi-network roaming service so that each device will include a connected SIM that customers can take advantage of while using their existing mobile number.

Available now in the UK, prices range from the cheapest £89 Emporia Flip Basic (including an Anywhere SIM with £30 credit and 12 months service), to the more extravagant £229.99 Emporia Smart S2 also including an Anywhere Sim with £30 credit and 12 months service.

Speaking with Mobile News Anywhere Sim CEO Matthew Wright said: “We are already talking to a number of retailers and telecare providers interested in enhancing their over 50s proposition.

“The first service to arrive will be our anti-nuisance call service, which effectively allows our customers to whitelist incoming callers, completely eliminating the issue once and for all.”

Emporia Telecom Owner and CEO Eveline Pupeter said: “Emporia, together with the Anywhere Group, is focused on providing the 20 million plus over 50s in the UK with easy to use telephones & smartphones, combined with reliable connectivity and innovative new services.

“We see a high potential in the UK market especially as our focus is on a premium lifestyle design combined with ease of use – in the product as well as in the service”

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