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All O2 B2B partners able to offer 4G services from launch

Michael Garwood
August 1, 2013

O2 opts against EE’s strategy of limiting the number of B2B dealers able to sell 4G tariffs at launch

O2 business director Ben Dowd has told Mobile News that all O2 B2B dealers will be able to offer its 4G tariffs and services when the network goes live on August 29.

The move is in contrast to EE, who restricted the service to less than 20 of its B2B partners when its 4G network launched back in October. EE has since extended to all partners.

Dowd told Mobile News the idea of restricting the service to its bigger partners was never considered, labelling the channel as “critical” to its 4G strategy.

“This s not a direct only offering,” said Dowd. “Our 4G packages will be available to all our partners, and not just those in our Centre of Excellence (CoE).

“There was never a time when we explored a possible angle to make this a direct only offer. Our indirect partners, particularly our CoE partners are part of what we call our O2 family, and they enable us to reach a broader number of customers.

“They are critical to our strategy, always have been and will continue to be. Therefor we absolutely want them also to get the best package of services we can offer to deliver to our customers as well.”

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