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700 smartphone models now use fingerprint recognition technology

Staff Reporter
May 2, 2023

Seven hundred smartphone models now use fingerprint recognition according to biometrics company, Fingerprint Cards AB.

This is 100 more models than a year ago and 500 at the beginning of 2021, The Xiaomi K60, is the 700th model to join the biometrics trend and integrates the FPC1632Fingerprints’optical under-display sensor.

Xiaomi K60: latest model to use the FPC1632Fingerprints’optical under-display sensor.

We have witnessed accelerated demand for biometrics in smartphones over recent years. To see Fingerprints’ sensors now integrated into 700 different smartphone models is a phenomenal achievement” said Fingerprints’ president of mobile Haiyuan Bu,

Demand for mobile biometrics is set to be worth $184.8 billion by 2031 says Fingerprint Cards.

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