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5G is more secure than 4G according to Huawei CTO Scanlan

Paul Lipscombe
December 18, 2019

Scanlan made the comments during Huawei’s first ever Trust in Tech Symposium

5G is a much more secure network than 4G, according to Huawei Carrier Business Group CTO Paul Scanlan.

Scanlan made the statement at Huawei’s first Trust in Tech Symposium, which took place on December 3 in London.

At the event, he outlined five key reasons why 5G should be trusted, saying that the technology is more secure than 4G.

He said that 5G is encrypted while 4G isn’t and thus has better privacy protection, as well as a stronger security algorithm made up of 256-bit key length instead of 128 bit on 4G.

Scanlan said: “Every time you turn on your 4G handset, you’re signalled to a base station and because the data isn’t well- encrypted, it can be easy to spoof the base station. However, 5G is encrypted and so is more secure.”

Other reasons that Scanlan gave for trusting 5G included the technology not producing harmful electromagnetic fields and creating less carbon than 4G.

He added that it would drive economic growth and increase the level of trust in digital systems.

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