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Samsung overtakes Apple as UK’s biggest B2B smartphone brand

Michael Garwood
June 18, 2015

Samsung Galaxy range helps manufacturer reclaim position as leading UK smartphone brand in the B2B market 

Samsung has overtaken Apple as the leading B2B handset manufacturer in the UK, seeing its share jump eight per cent from the end of last year. This is according to the latest figures for Q1 2015 from leading business performance analyst firm Canalys.

The Korean manufacturer, having been the third largest manufacturer in the B2B market at the end of last year, now has a 29 per cent share. Apple has dropped to second, having seen its share fall three per cent to 26 per cent. Microsoft saw its share fall two per cent to 24 per cent.

Speaking to Mobile News last July, Samsung UK and Ireland vice president for enterprise business Graham Long revealed the company had set itself a target of almost doubling revenues in the B2B market to at least £580 million last year. He added it had been investing heavily in its products and enterprise services such as KNOX to help drive greater traction in B2B.

Mid-range success

Canalys senior analyst Tim Coulling said: “A lot of Samsung’s volume was driven by its mid-range handsets. They have overhauled the design on the Galaxy A5 and A7 and brought the metal frame through the price bands, which had been lacking recently. They are far more attractive to the business user than previously.”

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