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2ndNumber launches new SIM-free cloud mobile service

Megan Robinson
November 22, 2021

The service provides consumers with a second mobile number 

A new SIM-free cloud-based mobile service has launched under the name 2ndNumber.

The service provides consumers with a second mobile number to use in addition to their main mobile number.

Founder Stuart Spice created 2ndNumber six months ago to target a more mobile-aware audience, as well as businesses and start-ups.

“There is a growing need for businesses and entrepreneurs to take advantage of mobile numbering, specifically since COVID has turned people towards online messaging,” said Spice.

Getting a number

Customers can purchase a second number through the company’s website, costing £1.69 per month including bundled minutes and texts.

Once paid for, the number is set up in the cloud so that messages and phone calls can be made and received on an online dashboard, and accessed through the web on many devices.

The product is not only for business purposes, but for anyone who wants a private number.

“It can work perfectly for people who want a second number for privacy,” he said. “For example, they might want a second WhatsApp account or to do some online dating.

“You don’t have to give out your number to someone you are not familiar with; you can create a second number and use this to do different things.”

Spice added: “Mobile providers are just a tool to make and receive the calls, and you’ll be able to use 2ndNumber on a data connection.

“Let’s say you’ve got a Vodafone SIM card and you’re using data instead of WiFi; 2ndNumber will work exactly the same, as long as there is an internet connection.”

2ndNumber is currently operating in the UK and US, with plans to scale up once the demand is there.

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