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2018 predictions: Ady Moores CEO P2i

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne
January 16, 2018

Mobile News catches up with liquid repellency company P2i CEO Ady Moores to find out his tips for the next 12 months including the increased design innovation and embrace of hydrophobic coatings.

In 2018 we will continue to see handset manufacturers push the limits of mobile design, with features such as bezel-less and flexible displays becoming more prevalent.

These features are often incompatible, with mechanical gaskets and seals designed to protect against water damage, so OEMs will utilise hydrophobic coating solutions to provide the necessary protection for these innovative devices without having to compromise their aspirational designs.

Liquid ingress is a significant factor in the millions of smartphones that are damaged beyond repair each year, and premium handset manufacturers will be doubling down on this problem by delivering products to the market that incorporate hydrophobic coatings as well as gaskets and seals. As hydrophobic coatings start to offer the same levels of protection as those achieved by physical solutions, ensuring the protection given to devices that now cost anywhere up to £1,000 is an increasingly sensible option.


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