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Carphone Warehouse launches ‘reward’ initiative

Matthew Cook
January 16, 2018

Carphone Warehouse Business (CWB) has launched a new ‘reward me’ programme for its dealers following an internal study.

The rewards system puts gift cards, gadgets, technology and even holiday up for grabs as dealers earn points per connection with two points equating to £1.

Bonus points can be achieved on any Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ or Note 8 sales, a feature that is open to be taken by other manufacturers.

Research conducted by CWB was undertaken as the distributor hadn’t changed its partner programme and found that dealers that couldn’t hit the same targets because the big players were not benefitting from incentive schemes.

Carphone Warehouse business marketing manager Theresa Williams (pictured above) , who oversaw the research, said she found that, among the base of 190 dealers, there was a feeling that the previous set-up was not inclusive.

She said: “We wanted something that was going to reach out to the lower-placed dealers who weren’t achieving some of the incentives we had running.

“The overwhelming response back then was that a lot of the dealers felt the current programme wasn’t inclusive.”


The new programme allows dealers to enter both the new reward scheme and the traditional incentive schemes which this year is a ‘fire and ice’ trip in May.

CWB has increased its investment in incentive schemes this year and introduced the new platform which, according to Williams, which is hoped will encouraging better performance from dealers.

“I wanted to bring something that would be a lot more inclusive and based on performance rather than their position against other partners that we deal with,” she said.

“We found it is the same partners who keep winning and often that is a turn-off because the smaller partners are sure that they are never going  to reach those numbers.”

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