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Realme: 5G price is key in order to boost take-up of handsets

Saf Malik
July 1, 2021

Since January 2020 Realme has launched 13 additional 5G smartphones

The best way to democratise 5G is to offer it at lower price points, according to Realme vice president Madhav Sheth.

“We will see more 5G services delivered to a larger range of audiences very soon,” said Sheth, speaking to Mobile News ahead of the launch of the vendor’s GT device this month.

“We plan to continue as a brand that offers several devices, starting from entry-level smartphones to high-end smartphones.”

The GT itself is designed to offer high specs for an affordable price.

In April, Realme CEO Sky Li had said the vendor planned to make 70 per cent of its portfolio affordable 5G products within two years.

And since Realme launched its X50 5G in January 2020, the company has accelerated its rollout for the technology with the launch of 13 more 5G-compatible smartphones.

Sheth also emphasised that consumers would benefit from upgrading to 5G devices even if the technology is not yet available to them.

“5G chipsets are more advanced than 4G chipsets,” he said. “They are generally more powerful and offer a better all-round experience. Everything is more highly optimised on 5G devices.”

IoT expansion

As well as increasing the number of devices using that technology in its portfolio, Realme intends to expand its IoT offerings.

“We plan to focus on selling the smartphones first and then continue focusing on the wider devices in our ecosystem,” said Sheth.

He adds that the smartphones will act as a hub for connection to other devices in the ecosystem, believing that interconnectedness between devices will be vital to the industry’s future.

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