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Nokia sets up 6G test lab in Bangalore

Staff Reporter
October 5, 2023

Just as you’re trying to get your head around the possibilities of 5G comes the news that Nokia has opened a 6G Lab in Bangalore, India.

This lab aligns with India’s mission to play a significant role in developing 6G globally. The lab will enable industry stakeholders to test the technology and assess its potential for commercial use.

One of the lab’s focuses is researching ‘Network as a Sensor’ technology. This tech allows networks to detect objects, people, and movement without needing physical sensors and bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. Nokia claims it will enable people to see around obstacles, gather information about their surroundings, and interact with distant objects. The lab will also research algorithms, privacy, and sustainable system design.

Nokia is working to establish a common direction for 6G including projects like Hexa-X and Hexa-X-II in Europe and participation in the Next G Alliance in North America, as well as the German Lighthouse project 6G ANNA.

The lab’s outcomes could have significant applications in transportation safety, healthcare, and education, contributing to India’s digital advancement.

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