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HMD brings back the Nokia 3210 from 1999

Staff Reporter
May 8, 2024

HMD (Human Mobile Devices), the company formed from the ashes of Nokia’s mobile phone division, has turned back the clock to 1999 with a re-imagining of the Nokia 3210 ‘dumb phone’, now upgraded with 4G and a £75 price tag.

The Nokia 3210 was released by Nokia in 1999 and sparked a new accessories industry for interchangeable covers. It was also famous for the inclusion of the game “Snake”, which was played by millions of people.

The 3210 was known for its impressive battery life, capable of lasting several days on a single charge. At the time, SMS was in its messaging infancy, and the Nokia 3210 helped to further popularise it.

The 2024 Nokia 3210 comes with a 2MP camera, and a 1450 mAh battery, and of course, Snake.

The Nokia 3210, a cultural icon, is back at the pinnacle of the global dumbphone boom as consumers look to balance their screen time usage with a digital detox.“The Nokia 3210 has simplicity at its core, allowing consumers to be totally present. Forget dumbphone, this is 2024’s fun phone,” said HMD marketing head Lars Silberbauer,

Silberbauer: reckons Gen Z wants digital “detox”

HMD is basing much current strategy on producing basic feature phones, A year ago it brought out £65 flip phone based on what it said was a resurgence of demand for “dumb” phones.

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