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Fonehouse to launch Emporia’s debut 5G smartphone

Staff Reporter
June 3, 2024

Emporia Telecom has formed a strategic retail partnership with Mobile News Awards Best Onine Customer Servce Consumer winner Fonehouse,

Fonehouse will launch Emporia’s first 5G device, the £299 ME.6. The handset is aimed at users of any age, which is a change from Emporia’s usual target market of “simple pbones for old people’.

The ME.6 has a 6.58-inch display and is controlled by a 2.2GHz Octa-Core processor coupled with 128GB memory and 6GB RAM. It runs on Android 13 and is powered by a 4,900mAh battery. Imaging is provided by a 50 MP triple-lens rear camera and an 8MP front camera.

Emporia is still making the phone appeal to seniors by making it compatible with digital hearing aids through the ASHA protocol. This provides built-in audio streaming capabilities that allow direct connection to hearing aids. It has health credentials as well, with NFC technology that supports glucose monitors for the management of diabetes. A panic button sends the user’s last known location and can be configured as a quick access key for other functions like the camera or torch light.

Chris Millington, UK Managing Director at Emporia, comments on the launch: “The ME.6 takes us into the mainstream smartphone sector. We have a clearly defined product proposition, which brings over thirty years of product and consumer experience within accessible tech to the masses. This new device offers an advanced 5G smartphone with excellent value.”

Milington: ME.6 takes us into the mainstream smartphone sector.

An ME.6 launch with a Fonehouse ad campaign will appear in The Daily Express. The ME.6 is offered with zero upfront cost on a 24-month Vodafone contract at £19.00 per month, which includes 150GB of data, unlimited calls, and texts. A carry case and screen protector worth £45 is included.

Ben Branson, CEO of Fonehouse parent company KTM Online, added: “The ME.6 is a device that provides a practical, user-friendly solution for life’s everyday challenges. Fonehouse currently ranges seven Emporia devices, including five smartphones and two feature phones. So, we are pleased to be offering our customers greater choice and even more value.”

Branson: Fonehouse currently ranges seven Emporia devices

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