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2017 predictions: Daisy Distribution MD Dave McGinn

Mobile News
January 18, 2017

Daisy Distribution managing director Dave McGinn tells Mobile News his thoughts on what might happen this year, including the wearables market to see exponential growth and more employees demanding work flexibility

Customers will be looking for more things to be better connected; more processes to be automated and therefore will be investing more in their technology and services in support of these. They will then be able to capitalise on the key industry developments that are set to not necessarily launch, but surge. Mobility is the obvious one.

With more consumers now using a mobile device to shop and the continuation of the SMB customer to demonstrate the same buying patterns, businesses will increasingly deploy true enterprise-grade mobility solutions into their environments.

Generation X, Y and even millennia employees are now demanding the right to work flexibly. This opens up another opportunity, with suppliers beginning to offer more Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions, managing the infrastructure and protecting the environment.

The wearables market will continue to grow exponentially having firmly put its initial “gimmicky” phase behind it and now enjoys a widespread adoption in health and fitness with other medical applications mooted as the next growth area. We are seeing growth of business wearables too, which are centred around information accessibility and a new discreet way of communicating with colleagues and partners.

Beyond the fantastic individual experiences that VR headsets bring, there are very real business applications bursting to get out. Imagine being able to view the interior of a car from your own office; take a 360⁰ view of a holiday letting; or looking further into the future having your own virtual assistant to help with your shopping? It may sound like science fiction, but watch this space.

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