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2017 predictions: Carphone Warehouse Business head of B2B Bob Sweetlove

Mobile News
January 18, 2017

Carphone Warehouse Business head of B2B Bob Sweetlove tells Mobile News his thoughts on what might happen this year, including customer focus on mobile to improve efficiency and a positive outlook for independent dealers

Mobile networks have increasing pressure on their margins from a variety of angles, such as market competition, communication technology, network investment, roaming regulation and shareholder pressure.

Remaining profitable and port-positive is challenging. Tariff and commission structures will be pitched more favourably towards higher spending customers and channel partners who provide a high quality business mix.

Business customers are becoming more mobile-centric in their internal and external communication and computing habits. They are also not blindly upgrading their entire mobile fleet once every two years choosing instead to separate handset provision from their airtime contract. Customers are looking to put more of their core workflow on their mobile devices to improve their efficiency and responsiveness to their customers.

Independent dealers still have opportunities to develop their businesses and thrive in this evolving landscape. Experts across the wide range of networks and options available to customers will be required more than ever. Every customer needs a bespoke solution built for them and will seek out specialists who can provide it. Dealers should look for partnerships where they can make themselves available to and be reached by more customers.

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