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2017 predictions: Barclay Communications managing director Britt Megahey

Mobile News
January 20, 2017

Barclay Communications managing director Britt Megahey tells Mobile News his thoughts on what might happen this year, including IoT becoming more common in homes and digital assistants

The Smart Home market will continue to gather momentum, with Internet of Things devices becoming cheaper, and therefore more commonplace in our homes. Our mobile devices will sit at the centre of this world, acting as the hub which controls these devices both at home and away.

Smart thermostats sense when we are away and adjust the temperature accordingly. Security cameras detect movement and alert us on our phones with images or streaming video. Friend arrived to your house before you got home? Open the door for them with your smart lock, from your mobile phone.

‘Digital Personal Assistants’ will get more use, as we become more comfortable talking to our devices.

Lighting, heating and more can be controlled by our voices, using Siri on iOS, Google Home, or Amazon Echo. Simply tell Siri ‘Goodnight’, and she can turn off lights, lower the thermostat, and turn on alarms.

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