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2012 predictions: Vodafone enterprise director Peter Kelly

Mobile News
February 2, 2012

Vodafone enterprise director Peter Kelly thinks businesses will begin to the range of mobile working options to enable their staff to work as efficiently as possible, but those that don’t adopt this will suffer 

In 2012, more businesses of all sizes will come to realise how mobile technology can help them transform the way they work, having a positive effect on employee productivity, staff retention and cost reduction. The trend towards adopting new ways of working is set to continue and accelerate in 2012.

The economic climate is likely to remain tough, which means businesses will need to focus on getting the best out of their staff. That means giving them the right tools for the job and enabling them to work where and when they need to. The desk-bound, building-based work model is outdated – if businesses don’t adapt they will suffer during the recession.

Now more than ever, British businesses need to be agile, flexible and responsive and have the ability to work from anywhere and at any time – essential if they are going to remain competitive.

Many more companies will come to understand the benefits of combining their fixed and mobile communications so they can work faster and smarter. We’ll see more small businesses adopting communications technologies that can help them compete on an increasingly global stage.

New ways of working will become the norm, and people will be freed from their desk so they can work whenever and with whomever they want without being isolated from their colleagues or their work resources.

Adopting flexible and mobile working will become even more important next summer during the Olympics as the nation’s transport links deal with the millions of visitors.

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