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2012 predictions: Car Phone Company co-owner Rob Williams

Mobile News
February 10, 2012

Apple’s iCloud will make Office 365 easier to sell in the channel, says Car Phone Company co-owner Rob Williams, with Nokia entering a make or break stage in its history with its device releases

“The general awareness of iCloud will make the adoption of Office 365 an easier sell into the B2B community and aid the migration of more services to the Cloud. The networks seem to have this as a part of the road map for the future, adding a further element to up-sell to the monthly bill.

“The interesting development is whether Apple tries to make iCloud fit for business. As it stands, the integration with Outlook is a mess that causes more problems than it fixes. Nokia will aim to leverage Office 365 with the WM7.5

“Mango devices and claw back market share. Dealers seem enthusiastic about having a decent Nokia product to talk about to clients. It does seem like a final roll of the dice from Nokia that will make or break it.”

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