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Juice supports hospitalised Oxfordshire Covid-19 patients with mobile chargers

Paul Lipscombe
January 20, 2021

Banbury-based Juice is supporting a number of hospitals and medical centres in the Oxfordshire region

Accessories manufacturer Juice has supplied a number of Oxfordshire hospitals with mobile chargers during the pandemic.

The Banbury-based company revealed it has donated hundreds of chargers to various hospitals and medical centres across the county.

These include Horton General Hospital, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, John Radcliffe Main, John Radcliffe Children’s Hospital and Churchill Hospital.

Juice specialise in manufacturing mobile accessories, in particular phone chargers which are ranged across a number of UK retailers and operators.

And last year, during the earlier stages of the pandemic the company partnered with TMT First to support hospitalised patients with powerbanks.

Juice CEO Jolyon Bennett said the scheme has been put in place to keep patients in touch with their family during the pandemic.

He refers to the difficulty of hospital visits as a key factor behind the donation of chargers to hospitals.

“Providing those in need with the power to stay connected was a no brainer – it was the least we could do. We really hope that our chargers will keep patients connected and online so that they can stay in regular contact with their friends and family throughout their stay in hospital.”

Oxford Hospitals Charity community fundraising manager Emily Waddell added: “Something as simple as being able to charge your phone to speak to loved ones can easily be taken for granted – but we know right now it is more important than ever.

“When our patients find themselves taken into hospital, grabbing their phone charger is not always the first thing on their mind, but being without a charged phone and unable to communicate with friends and family can easily make patients feel cut off.”

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