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Lease Telecom launches white-label branding for partners

Jasper Hart
February 24, 2020

“The sale is about the supplier, not us”

Lease Telecom is offering white-label branding to its channel partners for their use of its services.

This means that companies using Lease’s services for their own customers will be able to use their own company branding at all stages of the leasing process.

The intent of the offer is for Lease to improve partner relations and put them at the forefront of their working relationship.

Lease Telecom’s marketing director Simon Fabb said: “Being a channel-only service, putting our partners first is, after all, what it’s all about. We all know how hard it is to build a brand, and so to have it taken away at the point of sale is, well, not great.”

In a statement, Lease added that with the addition of the service, “the sale is not about us, but about the supplier themselves”. It hopes to improve its partner reputation and drive growth through offering the white-label service.

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