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Virgin Media O2 upgrades rural 4G to help SMEs with cashless sales

Staff Reporter
December 20, 2023

Virgin Media O2 is upgrading its 4G network and rolling out of new 5G services across 55,000 rural postcodes.

The network upgrades will resolve connectivity issues faced by small businesses in liably processing card and online payments as a study indicates 52 per cent of he population intend to buy from rural small businesses to support the local economy. However rural shoppers have often been unable to complete purchases due to connectivity problems.

This year Virgin Media O2 has has rolled out 5G to more than 30,000 rural locations and enhanced 4G connectivity in over 34,245 postcodes.

Virgin Media O2’s efforts are part of the UK Government’s Shared Rural Network (SRN) programme. The company has expanded its 4G network to 50 additional sites and secured planning consent for 100 more.

Jeanie York, Chief Technology Officer at Virgin Media O2 said:

York: “Small businesses are the cornerstone of the UK economy

Small businesses are the cornerstone of the UK economy and are vitally important to rural communities. Our Great Rural Revival report demonstrates the transformational power improved connectivity could have for these rural small businesses. This is why we are committed to enhancing connectivity in these areas.

To ensure the future of rural small businesses, we must establish greater collaboration with industry partners, the UK government, planning authorities and landowners to deliver the network upgrades that underpin reliable and fast connectivity for rural communities.”

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