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O2 rejects RootMetrics’ network testing as irrelevant to customers

Paul Withers
September 3, 2015

RootMetrics hits back, denying the claims from the operator and says methodology is “wholly transparent”

O2 has slammed network performance measurement company RootMetrics, claiming its methods are irrelevant.

In results for the first half 2015, RootMetrics placed O2 bottom for network reliability, network speed, mobile internet and text message performance.

Last year Vodafone questioned the integrity of RootMetrics, after they too received similar performance results. EE on each occasion finished top across all metrics measured.

Not relevant
O2 chief operating officer Derek McManus (pictured) said RootMetrics, which claims to drive 23,778 miles and conduct 1.1 million tests in the UK’s 16 most populated areas, has so far refused to provide evidence of its results.

“The tests that RootMetrics performs are not a true representation of what customers do. For example, customers make a lot of mobile-to-mobile calls, but RootMetrics doesn’t measure that.

“Despite asking RootMetrics on a number of occasions, they won’t allow us to see how they conduct their testing. The latest results are disappointing but I’m not sure they are that relevant.”

However, RootMetrics vice president Julie Dey hit back at O2, claiming its transparent tests do replicate the consumer experience.

“Everything we do is designed to show how consumers experience mobile performance in real-world situations, which is why our testing covers everything from high and low network load situations, variations in speed from standing still to driving on the motorway, differences in coverage from poor to excellent and indoor to outdoor signal situations.

“As we are wholly transparent about the methodology we employ, we are, and always have been, more than willing to invite interested parties to have further insight into this process.”

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