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Networks remind new councillors of the need for effective connectivity strategies

Staff Reporter
May 5, 2023

Mobile network operators are urging newly-elected local councillors to put digital policy and connectivity strategies high on their agenda as they start their new terms.

We congratulate all newly and re-elected councillors in England’s local elections and are encouraging every councillor to actively support our ongoing campaign to fund and roll out local Digital Champions” said Gareth Elliott (above) director of policy and communications for Mobile UK which represents the major networks.

“Councillors can support the deployment of vital technology for their areas and ensure people have access to reliable mobile connectivity today, and increased capacity for the future, by getting involved with Mobile UK’s Digital Champions campaign.

This campaign calls for the UK government to fund the role of a Digital Champion for every local authority to deliver a programme which will assist in the rollout of connectivity. A Digital Champion is a person or team of decision-makers responsible for coordinating mobile connectivity and infrastructure at a local level.

“Councils with a Digital Champion are more likely to smooth the rollout of mobile infrastructure which is vital to maintaining and increasing connectivity for all our communities and strengthening digital inclusion. Mobile connectivity will be increasingly important by serving communities and businesses and driving economic growth”.




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