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EE to relaunch as “New EE” with biggest ad campaign since 2012

Staff Reporter
October 12, 2023

EE is being relaunched as ‘New EE’ with the biggest marketing campaign since the brand’s launch in 2012.

Brand launch is biggest in 11 years

As part of a new raft of services and products, EE has partnered with Apple to launch a new TV streaming service called ‘EE TV.’ The new TV service will offer flexible TV packages accessed from an EE set-top box or an app on the Apple TV 4K.

The advertising will focus on Game, Home, Learn, and Work, with a revamped products and services portfolio marketed under these four key areas, and dedicated hub pages launching on the EE App and

The service is part of a major overhaul of EE’s broadband and mobile products and services, which will now all be offered under the name ‘New EE.’ The network is moving away from being just about telecoms and has produced an integrated suite of gaming and communication services accessed under a single portal for customers called EE ID.

New EE BRoadband – Full Fibre speeds up to 1.tGb
Customers access all services through the New EE ID portal

“With an EE ID, customers can access a wide range of products, services, and experiences all in one place. We are also evolving the EE brand while at the same time doubling down on great new connected products, with the launch of the fastest broadband, best value convergence, and exciting new TV services,” said EE CEO Marc Allera.

Allera: evolving the EE brand while at the same time doubling down on great new connected products

The EE ID portal allows users to shop, organize devices, subscriptions, and services, and manage their digital identity. EE ID is accessed via the EE App as well as online, for all UK consumers regardless of their current mobile or home broadband network.

The first version of the platform will offer access to traditional network products, as well as a new EE Consumer Electronics Shop, Gaming, Home Security, Insurance, and Subscription services. Future releases will add more subscriptions, services, and capabilities. EE ID will utilize multi-factor and passkey authentication to keep personal data secure.

Converged product range
EE will bring out a new range of content and set-top-box options. An EE TV Box Pro with multi-room, EE TV app is to launch on Apple TV 4K with a bespoke TV guide offering a live TV experience as well as an EE-branded remote. In addition, the Apple TV app will be available on EE’s set-top boxes. The existing BT TV service will be rebranded to EE TV.

Fibre 1.6 Gb
EE’s new era in connectivity is marked by a range of new home broadband and mobile packages. Customers with full fibre will have their speeds increased to 1.6 Gbps. EE is also introducing a new service called ‘WiFi Enhancer’ that will allow customers to boost their home connectivity by prioritizing their online traffic using ‘game mode’ and ‘work mode.’ EE Broadband customers will also be able to add unlimited data SIMs on flexible 30-day subscriptions from £10.

‘WiFi Enhancer’ that will allow customers to boost their home connectivity by prioritizing their online traffic
Massive ad pish for New EE starts soon

Analyst Paolo Pescatore said the launch of New EE preceded the disappearance of the BT brand.

“By selling a broader range of products and services, the new EE will end up in direct competition with other retailers. The latter should perceive this as a threat, given the new EE’s combined entity and its opportunity to sell more subscriptions and products with a seamless experience. Strategically, this puts the new EE in pole position compared to its traditional telco rivals. Others have their own challenges and will fall further adrift given the need to be more flexible and agile in a radically converged and cut-throat marketplace. This will force them to accelerate their efforts, platforms, and mindset.”

Kester Mann, Director of Consumer and Connectivity at CCS Insight:
“EE’s announcements represent an evolution in its strategy, rather than a major shift in direction. “EE’s grand plan is to bolster its relevance among customers and stir greater engagement, particularly via its app. Today is an important step along that journey, but the company will be under no doubt that creating a new brand identity is a challenging and time-consuming endeavour.

“The new areas of focus for EE make sense. Gaming, insurance, and security don’t stray too far from their core connectivity roots, unlike riskier industry forays into sports rights and financial services, many of which have been unsuccessful.

“Today’s update won’t quell mounting questions over whether telecom operators can monetize their networks, compete with big technology companies, and rejuvenate financial performance. But EE at least appears to recognize its challenges, and the changes outlined feel like a step in the right direction.”

Mann: EE at least appears to recognize its challenges

uSwitch telecoms expert Ernest Doku added:  “While BT does still exist in the customer space – EE being a flagship brand radically changes consumer mindsets beyond loyalty to individual products and services, towards loyalty to the brand as a whole. 

 It’s a massive play to try and shake up the telecoms market, while benefits such as unlimited data for just £10 or dedicated broadband options for gamers are the preserve of those customers taking out EE products. Aligning with Microsoft for gaming and Apple, NOW, Sky and TNT for content illustrates just how serious EE is about repositioning itself towards being a single destination for best-in-market broadband, TV and mobile services. 

 The strategy is definitely pull rather than push to get BT customers over to EE, manifesting in now having all of their key products and benefits on services offered by the new brand. BT will still exist, but its value will diminish over time as the best products are reserved for those customers making the leap.

 The idea of enabling customers to finance products across consumer electronics as well as offering connectivity truly is a concerted effort to reposition EE as a key player for customers on any network, with vehicles like eSIM and Wi-Fi connectivity being weaved into the fabric of a renewed relationship with the brand.

 It remains to be seen whether customers will be attracted by the lure of EE as a one-stop-shop for all their connectivity and subscription service needs. Initial perks and benefits for those in the ecosystem seem well pitted against competitors, but there’s sure to be healthy competition from other retailers as the proposition evolves.”



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