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Voice Mobile ‘going for it’ with accessories website

Paul Withers
October 24, 2014

Mobile Phone Kit currently offers 4,000 accessories across 43 different brands and 16 categories

Leading EE B2B dealer Voice Mobile has teamed up with accessory distributor Frequency Telecom to launch its first accessory website.

The Birmingham-based firm, which manages 36,000 connections launched the new “Mobile Phone Kit” (, this month.

It currently offers more than 4,000 products from 43 different brands, including Case Mate, Griffin, Otterbox, Parrot and Plantronics, all of which are sourced and dispatched via Frequency’s warehouse.

Accessories are divided into 16 categories, such as screen protectors, cases, headsets, earphones, headphones, speakers and portable charging docks – and are compatible with all major handset manufacturers.

Customers visiting the website can sign up for a free account, allowing them to view status on current orders as well as receive email newsletters detailing the latest product releases available. They can also buy gift vouchers for others to use.


Voice Mobile managing director Ian Watson (pictured) told Mobile News, the firm is “really going for it” in the accessory space – and is also in discussions with more distributors to broaden the range. He is also planning to launch a website selling smart wearable products.

Watson claims to have data on tens of thousands of past and present customers – revealing the firm has sold more than 47,000 iPhones since 2007.

“We now have the capabilities to do all the interaction and science behind making it a major success,” said Watson.

“As our skill sets have increased, we have managed to gain the time to enable us to put more focus into selling more than just mobile phones.”

“I am speaking to different distributors to be able to offer the full plethora of products, so we will go across the whole piece and offer absolutely everything you can think of on this website.”

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